Bilateral Military Cooperation. Beti Assomo Joseph Receives in Audience Mohammed Abdullahi

It was at the conference hall of the ministry of defence on Monday November 19 that the minister delegate at the presidency in charge of defence, Beti Assomo Joseph, received in audience the vice minister of defense of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Abdullahi Bin.

Emmanuel NGOTA

On hand to welcome the guest of honour at the Yaounde-Nsimalen was the secretary of state for defense in charge of the national gendarmerie, Etoga Galax Yves Landry. Upon arrival t the ministry of defense, the vice minister of defense of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Abdullahi Bin was welcomed by the minister delegate at the presidency in charge of defense, Beti Assomo Joseph accompanied by his close collaborators.

Cameroon has always shared a fruitful relationship with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia most especially in the domain of religion, Minister Beti Assomo Joseph recalled. Thus with the visit of the Mohammed Abdullahi Bin to Cameroon is a turning point in the bilateral military cooperation as it will also touch the areas of politics, culture, economic and security as well. Minister Beti Assomo Joseph added that this fruitful relationship between Saudi Arabia and Cameroon will go a long way creating other arenas of cooperation.

In the in camera audience which lasted over an hour culminated in exchanges of artifacts by the two dignitaries as a symbol of an indissoluble bond that has no limits. From the ministry of defence, the Mohammed Abdullahi Bin and his delegation headed to the presidency of the republic, where he is a bearer of a private message from the king of Saudi Arabia Salmane Ben Abdelaziz Al Saoud to his Excellency president Paul Biya.

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