Bilateral Military Cooperation. MINREX Grants Audience to Admiral Paulo Cezar de Quadros Kuster

The Brazilian delegation was received in audience on Wednesday August 22, 2018 at the ministry of external relations.

Emmanuel NGOTA

Brazil and cameroon have come a long way in respect to military cooperation. It is in this vein that, the Brazilian Ambassador to Cameroon, Vivian Loss Sanmartin headed a delegation of some Navy officials to the ministry of external relations on Wednesday 22, 2018.

The august guest, Admiral Paulo Cezar De Quadros Kuster of the Brazilian Navy who was received in audience by His Excellency, Le Jeune Mbella Mbella discussed behind closed doors important projects for the benefit of the two countries in the domain of security and above.

Speaking to the press after the audience, Admiral Paulo Cezar De Quadros Kuster revealed that their discussions centered on the Centre for Information for Security in the Gulf of Guinea. According to the Navy General, his mission on behalf of the Brazilian government is to make sure that the centre goes operational as stipulated by the convention signed.

Before making a stopover at the ministry of external relations, Admiral Paulo Cezar De Quadros Kuster and his delegation passed by at the ministry of defence where they also had talks on related security issues with the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in Charge of Defence, Beti Assomo Joseph.

The two countries that is Cameroon and Brazil pays particular attention to the Gulf of Guinea  due to its strategic importance as it stretches the coastline spanning from Gabon to Liberia that includes 15 states which have huge economic importance to the united states and the west. Indeed, 70 percent of Africa’s oil production comes from the Gulf of Guinea and with the recent discovery of offshore hydrocarbon deposits, these numbers are only going to rise.

The Gulf of Guinea which has been termed as an Eldorado is a crucial naval passage which has witnessed an alarming spike in piracy and maritime crime in recent years that rivals the horn of Africa. Last year for example, the international maritime bureau attributed only 75 attacks to pirates operating in Somalia and the Gulf of Aden, down from 237 in 2011. In the Gulf of Guinea, in contrast, piracy is on the rise, with 58 incidents recorded in 2012. It is as a result of this backdrop that the Centre for Information for Security in the Gulf of Guinea has to come into action to quell down any hindrance.

The cooperation tie between Brazil and Cameroon is enriching as it dates as far back as 1960. It has grown in strength overtime as the two brotherly nations have signed series of win-win partnership be it in the domain of security, economy, technical and cultural domains. This indissoluble bond has permitted the two countries to weather the storm most especially in times of difficulties.

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