East Region. American Mission to Manage Refugee Hiccups

The visit to the east region of Cameroon was purposely to seek solutions on the need of refugees in this part of the country

Johnson ETAPE

For two days that is from the 5th to the 6th of August 2018, the members of the American mission had exchanges with the Central African refugees and local authorities during their stay in the east region.  The governor of the East, Grégoire Mvongo received in audience the members of the administration of the American Congress during their working visit to the region. During the audience, the delegation made known to the number one administrator of the region the purpose of their visit which focused on education, health, economy and refugee management sectors.  On this last point which is the refugee management sectors, the stakeholders mentioned the collaboration of United Nation High Commission for Refugees with the Cameroonian government, the work of other Non-Governmental Organisations in the field, but also the security problem.

From the office to the field, the members of the administration of the American Congress headed by the Charge de mission, Joan O’Donnell Condon, paid a working visit to the Gado Badzere refugee camp in the Garoua-Boulaï district. The delegation was briefed that this camp was opened on March 1, 2014 and hosts approximately 25,000 refugees which covers a surface area of ​​55 hectares and is subdivided into 11 sectors.

The members of the administration of the American Congress got first-hand information on the ground that the Gado Badzere camp faces many challenges, particularly in terms of education, with the low capacity of existing schools, the lack of teachers. As far as health is concern, there is insufficient access to quality health care for refugees and host populations, reasons why livelihoods are also shrinking. After the Eastern region, the members of the US congress flown on Tuesday August 6 for Bangui in the Central African Republic.

Cameroon has been of great help to the Central African Republic since the escalation of crisis with the most recent by leader of the Seleka coalition group, Michel Djotodia, against the government of Bozize in March 2013 that saw hundreds of thousands displaced and thousands killed. As a country of legendary hospitality, Cameroon is hosting 25000 refugees who fled from the skirmishes of the crisis. Added to that, since 2014 Cameroon has been deploying its troops for peace keeping mission under the banner of the Multidimensional and Stabilization Mission of the Central African Republic abbreviated MINUSCA. Although the violence in the CAR partially polarized Muslims and Christians, critics argue that, the driver of the conflict in the CAR is more a struggle for power among political elite.

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