EIFORCES. 39 Officers Receives End of Course Diploma in Civilian Protection

The Secretary of State for Defence in Charge of the National Gendarmerie, Etoga Galax Yves Landry on behalf of the minister delegate at the presidency in charge of Defence, board chair of the international school for security forces EIFORCES on Friday July 20, 2018 presided over the graduation ceremony of some 39 officers drawn from 6 African countries including Cameroon.

Emmanuel NGOTA

This training is another prove to close the mouth of the distractors of Cameroon who claim that the Cameroon Defence and Security forces are not professionals. For what they do not understand is that Cameroon in the sub region has the best educated and professional soldiers as the country strives every day perfecting its institutions.

For over a week the 39 participants drawn from Congo Central African Republic, Gabon the Democratic Republic of Congo; Chad and Cameroon learned according to the united nations standard on how to protect civilians during crises especially children and women who are often victims of extreme abuses.

The seminar was divided into seven modules amongst which were topics such as general rules of protection of civilians; international legal dimension and the protection of civilians, notions on peace keeping operations, gender approach, human and children’s right not living out a simulation exercise on the tactical and operational training of personnel of peace keeping operations on sexual violence emanating from conflict.

Speaking during the closing ceremony the Secretary of State in charge of the National Gendarmerie thanked the Director General of EIFORCES for his relentless effort to make the institution a reference not just in the sub region but the world at large.

While thanking Japan who happens to be the sponsor for the program for their constant and genuine partnership with Cameroon.

Speaking before the Secretary of State in charge of the National Gendarmerie the Director of the International School for Security Forces, Brigadier General Bitote Andre Patrice thanked all the board members for their infallible support to see the institution grow from strength to strength.

Also he called on the trainees to put what they have learned into practice for their training is very important and timely as the entire sub region is faced with insecurity on all sides.

Worthy to note is that there were not only Gendarmes and Police Officers but also thirteen civilians drawn from the ministries of Communication, External Relations, Justice, Social Affairs and Women Empowerment and the Promotion of the Family not living out the Directorate of Customs.

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