Segolene Royal in Bangangté

It will be in the occasion of the 2nd COPIL of the project “Women and sustainable energies” on July 12.


The former Socialist party candidate at the 2007 presidential election in France, and former Minister for the Environment, Energy and the Sea) is the special guest of the second Steering Committee (COPIL) national of the project “Women and sustainable energy”  which will be held in Banganté come July 12th. The meeting which is held under the patronage of the NDE Divisional Officer Oumarou Haman Wabi, will regroup stakeholders and municipalities benefiting from the project focused on solar energy for municipalities headed by women mayors. The opening of the works will be carried out by the Minister of Decentralization and Local Development (MINDDEVEL).

Mrs. Royal who has weighed for the establishment of this initiative, will have the opportunity to take the pulse of the ongoing implementation of this project dedicated to the communes by women mayor the program concocted for this purpose provides for the visit of some sites in the department of Ndé. According to the financing agreement of the project “Women and Sustainable Energy” which links the Network of local women elected of Africa section of Cameroon (REFELA-Cam) to its international partners (AIMF, ADEME and Foundation Veolia), the national COPIL aims to bring together all the women mayors beneficiaries of the program, local actors, design offices and sectorial expanded to municipal councilors, and the general secretaries of town halls for consultation, presentation, evaluation of the level of progress and review of the difficulties noted in the implementation of the project. These foundations give a sense of direction for an efficient implementation of the project as a whole.

After almost one year of implementation in the two pilote communes of Baganté oand Fokoué, the project will enter a crucial phase this year; notably with the completion of works contracts (in progress) in the cities of Bangangté and Fokoué, and the call for tenders for the other 5 beneficiary communes currently being launched, for an allocation planned for the end of July 2018. These 5 other municipalities are: Mayo-Oulo (Northern Region), Mbengwi (North-West Region), Angossas (Eastern Region), Afanloum (Central Region) and Mintom (Southern Region). The main aim of this meeting is for participants to look up to the international committee to be held in a very near future. It will also be the occasion to recognize recognizing that this project with futuristic hints will also accompany “President Paul Biya, in his achievement of the SDGs”, the apple of the eyes of the Head of State. According to the Mayor of Baganté  Célestine Ketcha Courtès, “The project” Women and Sustainable Energy “will enable women mayors of Cameroon to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 5, 7, 11, 12 and 13”. )

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