Social Medias and cyber security. Facebook Delegation in Cameroon

The team was received by the Minister of Communication on August 7 2018 in the conference hall of his ministerial department in Yaounde in the presence of communication experts.

Cynthia EFOPA

The advent of the internet has facilitated the collection, treatment and dissemination of information in varied domains. This has actually ease research and favored the acquisition of knowledge just by a click. However, the veracity of some information disseminated on the internet leaves much to be desired. While some users make it a point to inform the masses on instructive issues, others have made it a poll in which they dump information, propaganda and fake news with the hope of inciting violence within nations, down grading the reputations of institutions or blackmailing individuals. The latter has been very instrumental in fuelling the socio political upheavals that is ruining the South and North West regions of Cameroon. For Cameroonians in the diaspora has made it a duty to inundate the Facebook with violent, shocking and fake images and texts destined to brainwashed citizens, destabilize national unity and implant chaos. The spread of hate message through this medium is their daily task.

With the upcoming October presidential elections, much care needs to be taken for the different presidential candidates to run their campaigns without been victims of a fake story. It is against this backdrop that the delegation of Facebook held a working session with the Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma Bakary and a host of communication experts from diverse government ministerial departments. The main issue on the agenda was to arrive at a point at which Facebook will no more be a means through which fake news is propagated especially during this period when Cameroon is on the path towards presidential election.  Speaking during the meeting, the head of the Facebook delegation to Cameroon, Lukas Holzer who is in charge of Facebook Content Policy voiced the will of their social network to accompany the Cameroon government in the identification and deletion of fake news during this electoral period.  Speaking on his heels, the Communication Minister was clear as he expressed the expectations of the Cameroon government “facebook should not be a source of fake news and a channel for the destabilization of Cameroon during or after the electoral period”.  The meeting was equally an opportunity for the delegation of Facebook to present some important usage of the platform which according to them is not yet known or underexploited by many users.

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