Swiss Interested in Cameroons Renewable Energy

Ambassador Pietro Lazzeri expressed the wish of his country to invest in Cameroons renewable energy. He was speaking to the MINEE boss.

Cynthia EFOPA

During an audience granted to the Ambassador of Swiss to Cameroon, the Central Africa Republic and Equatorial Guinea, Pietro Lazzeri by the Minister of Water and Energy Resources, Gaston Eloundou Essomba much was exchanged between the two parties.  For more than half an hour the two dignitaries dwelled on the fruitful and friendly relations that exist between both nations. It is no news that Cameroons subsoil is very rich in mineral resources disparately spread throughout the national territory.  Over the years the Head of State has built mechanisms geared towards the exploitation of the resources without any blood shared or grievances entertained by the masses or the population of the locality where such resources are found. The Kimberly Process Certification Scheme is a vivid example for the exploitation of diamond and gold. The country can boast of a good number of mineral resources ranging from gold, uranium, cobalt, iron, just to name this few.

The rich undersoil of Cameroon has once more attracted its foreign friends. Though the meeting between the energy minister and the diplomat was brief, its content was worthy as the visiting ambassador unraveled the plans of his government to invest in the sector of renewable energy in Cameroon. The both personalities dug deeply in to the varied ways and opportunities through which the two nations could build friendly relations and cooperation notably in the domain of renewable energy.  In the course of their conversation, the Swiss diplomat declared that his country stands out as a world leader in the development and production of renewable energy while Cameroon on its part does not only possess vast potential in the domain but it equally presents a great need of the resources. According to Pietro Lazzeri, Cameroon is a good touristic destination and in the days ahead, his country will organize a show consecrated to all information on renewable energy. This will be accompanied by funding that his country will put at the disposal of Cameroon, and part of the funds will be used on strategic projects in the domain of renewable energy. A friendly handshake between the two personalities ended discussions but paved a way for a strong friendship that will be reinforced in the days ahead.

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