Cameroon Proud of her Cuisine

Cameroon food varies from one part of the country to the other. This means certain food items common in one part of the country may not be very common in other regions. But if you are a bit persistent, you will obviously find almost any kind of Cameroon traditional food you want, regardless of where you are.

Emmanuel NGOTA 

In Cameroon, food is not restricted to Cameroon traditional food. There are cuisines from all over the world including Asian, Middle Eastern, Western, Chinese etc. In major cities in Cameroon, international fast food chains are and outlets are growing in popularity. This makes eating in Cameroon an exciting and very rich experience. The climate in the country allows its inhabitants to produce abundant food.

Although you can find all Cameroon food in almost all regions of the country, it’s important to note where these food items actually originate. In other words, what are the most consumed food items by the indigenes of a particular place and why.

Food crops here are cereals, millets and maize. There is the abundance of beef as most people here are cattle bearers or pastoral nomads. Fish is also common in these regions as large rivers and lakes offer opportunities for fishing

Food of the Southern Regions of Cameroon. These regions include the Centre, South, East, Littoral, West, North West, and South West Regions of Cameroon. In these regions, general diets vary from region to region. But these general diets are not so different or completely different. The Southern regions of Cameroon are forested regions, although you still have a wider stretch of grass-fields such as the case of West and North West Regions.

Generally, the fertile soil of the southern regions provides the inhabitants with a large variety of food, including fruits and vegetables Fufu, which is made from boiling starchy ingredients is common. The fufu is served with a variety of soups or sauces made from vegetables and fruits such as cassava leaves, bitter leaves, cocoyam leaves, tomatoes, okro, melon seeds, peanuts etc.

Plantains and cassava are staple food in the centre, south and eastern regions. Here, maize is also widely consumed. Bobolo and Akwen are also popular dishes in these regions.

The South West, West and North West regions have varied dishes but fufu is also widely consumed. Fufu can be made from maize, cocoyams , yams, cassava, plantains and potatoes. Dishes such fufu and ero, achu, koki, nkwi etc are popular dishes in these regions.

Beef is expensive but goat meat, pork and bush meat are abundant. Meat and chicken are considered delicacies. Rice, too many, is reserved for special occasions.

Almost all dishes mentioned above are also consumed with yellow soup or sauces made from vegetable and peanuts. Fish is also common.

All major food items can be found in restaurants and hotels. In the evenings, women and young girls make a fortune selling roasted fish, corn and plumps etc. along street sides. The men roast soya, which is from either chicken, pork or beef.

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