Ebolowa. Youth Celebrates Representative at Model of African Arab Forum in Egypt

Patrick Ondoa Pie has just been part of the youth delegation that represented Cameroon in Sharm el Sheick in Egypt for the Model of African Arab Summit. Back in Ebolowa, Patrick Ondoa Pie organized a restitution of the works.

Emmanuel NGOTA

From the 3rd to the 6th of November, the 2018 edition Model of African Arab Summit was held in the Egyptian city of Sharm el Sheick. Over eight thousand young people from diverse backgrounds had the opportunity to address the issues of creativity, jobs, peace and development. The contribution of Cameroon has been decisive and effective at this forum.

In the Cameroonian delegation, a young man from the city of Ebolowa weighed a heavy weight in the Cameroonian presence during the three days summit in the city of Sharm el Sheick. For Patrick Ondoa Pie, it’s a forum that brought together the world’s youth and deserves to be copied in our country Cameroon. His dynamism and involvement in the workshop have also earned him the encouragement of the Cameroonian Ambassador to Egypt. This meeting, which aims primarily at gathering the opinions and points of view of young people in the face of various issues related to strategies, has been sanctioned by several recommendations submitted to the African Union and the Arab League, in this case focused on establishment of an Arab-African financing fund to support the fight against terrorism, the creation of a prize of encouragement for African and Arab innovators.

Patrice Messanga Abessolo, regional coordinator of the Party Universe and Movement 11 million citizens in the Southern Region, feels proud of this young person, “we are delighted to overflow in our movement 11 million citizens and in our region of young intellectual values. We expect from him a large-scale restitution of everything he has seen and heard on the side of Egypt, “he said. The South Region can therefore boast of having actively raised the banner of Cameroon to this meeting; victory to also put to the assets of the Movement 11 million citizens.

The Model Arab-African Summit (MAAS) is a regional summit that took place as part of the World Youth Forum in Sharm El-Sheikh. It follows one of the recommendations resulted of the World Youth Forum in November 2017, as well as a subsequent African Union Simulations’ recommendation held in May 2018.

Participants discussed and debated on different topics with the aim of finding solutions to common challenges that face them as youth, as well as enhancing cooperation between Arab and African youth. At Model Arab-African Summit, the participants represented their countries and highlight their potentials and cooperation opportunities with other fellow states of the African and Arab nations. By assuming the roles of several Member States, delegates were able to share diverse perspectives and formulate various solutions with regards to several topics during the discussion.

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