National Festival of Arts and Culture. Songs and Dance Take Central Stage in Bertoua

The 9th edition of the National Festival of Arts and Culture is underway in the capital city of the East region.

Cynthia EFOPA

16th July 2018, is a historical day in the City of Bertoua as it is a day that the Prime Minister and Head of Government Philemon Yang, on behalf of the Head of State, President Paul Biya officially set to motion the 9th edition of the National Festival of Arts and Culture. The week-long event has been a gathering of art, craft, music and culture of the ten regions of Cameroon. Three thousand participants from the country’s 58 divisions and 10 regions have sent the town into effervescence as the different groups display their various talents in the domain of arts and culture. Since its creation by a presidential decree in 1991, the event has matured in content as it has witnessed a series of innovations destined to give it more pump and color. A festival fabric designed to the colors and cultures of the ten regions of Cameroon, culture workshops, discourse and meetings between scientists, movie projections, just to name this few.

Holding in a special socio-political context marked by the preparations of the upcoming presidential elections, the crises in the two predominantly English-speaking regions, the cultural festival is just another ideal platform to blend the beliefs of Cameroon, promote cultural values between Cameroonians of diverse origins and infuse the spirit of oneness, cohesion, solidarity and fraternity. Speaking during the opening ceremony, the Minister of Arts and Culture, Pr. Narcisse Mouelle Kombi called on artist to play their immeasurable role in consolidating Cameroons unity, peace and stability.

The local community has also been very instrumental in showcasing the culture of the East region as they carried out a special rite on the opening day for the success of the event. The East region two main indigenous ethnic minorities, the pygmies and Mbororos were at the lime light. Huts have been erected for them so the public could discover their peculiar lifestyles. A delegation of Central Africa’s refugees was also present for the show.

The event is unfolding in six major sites; the FENAC village situated at CENAJES, the Bertoua festive ground, the Bertoua Council, the Bertoua Technical High School, the east regional delegation of Arts and Culture and the hall of Terrenstra College.

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