The Third Edition of the Yaounde International Book Fair.

Under the patronage of the President of the Republic, the third edition of the Yaounde International Book Fair took place on the 8th-the 13th of May 2018. It was a forum to promote multiculturalism and living together.

Holding under the theme ‘the book, an instrument of consolidation of peace and unity’, the Yaounde International Book Fair brought together Cameroonian authors and publishers to give them visibility in the book sector and to create awareness on the necessity of promoting a reading culture and encouraging unity. The fair that was organized by the Ministry of Arts and Culture was also an occasion to sell Cameroon, its people, its culture, its invention, its policies and its ingenuity to the world. It was a forum to promote multiculturalism and living together

One of the innovations of this third edition was a consecration of each day to the activities of a renowned Cameroon author; Guillaume Oyono Mbia, Alexandra Kum’a Ndumbe III, Bole Butake,  Calixthe Beyala and others had the opportunity to see their works put as a point of focus on a complete day. The Minister of Arts and Culture Mouelle Kombi who was present during the official launching of the Yaounde Book Fair reiterated that the culture of reading books is the finest practice that advances the educational landscape of the country, it should be written to promote dignity and promote multiculturalism and living together. He used the fair to pay homage to some Cameroon authors who through their works have impacted positively the lives of Cameroonians in different domains.

Talking on the day commemorated to show case the strength of her pen, the renowned literature icon of the Cameroon literature landscape, Calixthe Beyala regrets the existence of social instability caused by some individuals. This she said stands as an obstacle to her inspiration to write new books. She revealed that she can’t boast of taking a quiet moment to paint a better love story of her fatherland as in the yesteryears, because violence has never been a story of her country. She calls on all Cameroonians to shun the act of violence and enjoy the country in its diversity by living in oneness and tolerance, for they are values  that makes other nation envious of Cameroon and they are beliefs  worthy to hand down to future generations.

Cynthia Efopa

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