What Future for the Cameroonian Movie Industry?

After the closure of several cinemas Cameroonians were asking what will be the future of cinema in Cameroon? This question was quickly answered by the action of President Biya, who, with his partnership with a European company, soon closed the debate on the issue.


After many years without future, Cameroon’s film industry now has a tool to promote its product. Canal Olympia is a new room dedicated to the projection of films, but also to the organization of concerts of Cameroonian and foreign artists, as well as the stand-up of comedians, explains the expert. According to the multinational in charge of the building of this cinema room, the film’s power supply is provided by solar energy “captured from 720 m2 of solar panels stored thanks to batteries”. The initiative will allow the local public to have access to “premiere of films that are released at the same time in Los Angeles or Tokyo” and “especially to find Cameroonian talent and allow them to be known in the whole world, “assured the leaders at the inauguration.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Cameroonian Prime Minister Philémon Yang and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the European Enterprise Company. Despite the modest project across his group, the CEO did not hesitate to make the trip in person. Because Cameroon is a crucial country for the group, In April the CEO met with President Paul Biya in Yaounde. The group is active in the country in different area. Effort that was rewarded by the recent victory of Cameroonian cinema in the black screens feel. This is a new fact. Cameroon registered in gold letters in the scenario of the 22nd edition of the Ecrans Noirs festival whose final clap was performed last Friday in Yaounde. Beyond his triumph by the number of films in competition, he also shined by the distinctions won.

Far from this 20th edition where the jury did not deign to reward a film of this country because of “the weakness of the scenarios”, this year the nationals won 12 prizes. When the master of ceremonies, Axel Abessolo, announces the presentation of the Documentary Screen of Central Africa against all odds, it is that of the Cameroonian short film that will be unveiled and will open the ball of distinction for the Indomitable Lions of the cinema. “A kiss for two” by Dante Fox is sacred to the other five films in competition. Following Dante Fox, director Enah Johnscott will step on the stage to receive the Screen of the series for “Samba”. In turn, the Cameroonians succeed at the desk. If some have been entitled to one price, Paul Samba meanwhile will return with three awards. And not least. Her feature film “Rebel Pilgrin” is crowned by the Cameroonian Film Screen, the film from Central Africa and the heroine of the film, Melvine Azah, best Cameroonian actress. The latter will share the stage with Anurin Nwunembom who receives meanwhile the screen of the best comedian Cameroonian. The other beautiful reward will probably be that of “Minga and the broken spoon” Claye Edou. In competition in three categories, this animated film in 2D will leave with the special mention of the jury. He will not be the only one to benefit from this reward. Musing Derick will also taste the joys of this distinction that has been awarded to his film inspired by the Rwandan genocide, “Tenacity”. Fab Manga’s “Specimen” award as Screen of the International Short Film will put an end to the distinctions of Cameroonian films.

Simply a result of the effort provided by President Biya’s Government and his European partner to enhance Cameroonian cinema. A surely brighter future for the Cameroonian movie sector.

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