Cameroon Intensify Relations with the Sovereign Order of Malta

The Grand Master of the Order was received at the Presidency on July 18 by the Head of State to discuss cooperation issues.

Cynthia EFOPA

In his second day of visit to Cameroon, His Eminent Highness the Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Malta Fra’ Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto was received in audience by the President of the Republic of Cameroon Paul Biya.  During the highly diplomatic audience which marked the peak point of the Grand Masters visit to Cameroon, the both personalities discussed issues that aimed at improving on the lives of the people of both entities. The Grand Master laid much emphasis on the humanitarian domain especially the health sector. He was particularly interested in lending a helping hand to refugees in Cameroon, reasons why a visit to the Gado Badzere refugee camp in the East region has been programmed as part of activity to punctuate his stay in Cameroon. his point of focus will equally pave a leeway for him to visit the Saint John of Malta hospital in Njombe in the littoral region where he will have a brief working session with the staff of the institution to evaluate work done and provide some medical needs that will go a long way to relieve the suffering of the sick and vulnerable population in the nearest future. Coming to Cameroon  barely after 2 months he was elected as the 80th Grand Master of the Sovereign Order Of Malta is telling of how intensified the relation existing between Cameroon and the Order is, as Cameroon counts on the Order’s moral authority to lobby for more aids in the international community on behalf of the refugees in Cameroon.

In the course of the audience granted the Grand Master, the First Lady of the Republic, Chantal Biya stepped in to honor the august guest who was decorated by the Head of State, President Biya with the Dignity of grand croix of the order of valor. Cameroon was the first African country to have established diplomatic relations with the Sovereign Order of Malta since 1961 and both institutions have diplomatic representations.

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