3rd Parliamentary Session Draws Curtain with Validation of 2019 Budget

The curtains fell to the National Assembly and the Senate on the 3rd and last ordinary Session of legislative year 2018. Between Friday, November 2nd, the opening date of the session and Saturday, December 1st for the closing plenary, the Parliamentarians adopted eight bills submitted for their consideration by the Government.

Emmanuel NGOTA

All the texts deliberated upon passed as a letter to the post, even the most complex which is the law of Finance 2019. The amount of 4,850,500,000,000 CFA francs proposed by the executive has been validated by the actors of the legislative power.

I would like to say my satisfaction to my fellow Members of parliaments for the work that has been done. In addition to the constraints imposed on them by the deadlines, they have been able, with great skill, to examine and to the smallest detail the draft budget submitted to them. This is proof that you have truly appropriated yourself in all its outlines, the law bearing the new financial regime of the State. As a reminder, in order to further enlighten each other, the new state Financial Regime Act was passed on 11 July 2018. It is seen as now the Basic Law of the way in which public Finances are managed. At a time when Cameroon is engaged in a process of consolidating its budgetary balance, this law aims to restore discipline and orthodoxy in the way of managing the public thing. That is to say that after you, ladies and gentlemen, the ball is now in the government’s camp.

The members of the Government, at the head of which the prime Minister, I also say to them my satisfaction with their availability throughout the session, welcomed Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, speaker of the lower house during his closing speech.

This November 2018 budget session is also memorable because it marked on 06 November by the swearing-in of the Head of State Paul Biya, elected on 07 October 2018 for a new period.

The ball has been set rolling; the government has the yam and the knife for the efficient execution of this budget. As the head of state and present of the republic use to put it in his allocutions to the state, any act of inertia witnessed will be punished according to the law. No amount of mismanagement will be tolerated as 2019 with serve as a turning point as far as major infrastructural projects at on the ground.

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