Cucumber farming in green houses. Open opportunities for Cameroonian youths

Cucumber farming, what opportunity for the youths! This fruit neglected for a very long time has come to prove itself on the market and on the table of household citizens. The demand of natural and high value cucumbers is very high.


Compared in the last decade, Cucumber cultivation is in line with the real and perceived demands which continues to show a steady growth. More and more people are taking the fruit into consideration and health conscious and are inclined to consuming cucumbers among other fruits and vegetables. In facts, consuming and cultivating cucumber is a new fashion.

In his last addresses to the nation, President Paul Biya invited everyone to return to the agricultural field, for this sector is very fruitful and even more attractive especially for the youths of this nation.  It’s true the industry still lacks technological innovations to increase productivity and minimize losses. The lack of such innovations continue to affect the profit of potential investment and producers, making it unattractive at first sight. Still, as Cameroon is facing a rapid growth in the youth population; a fast growing middle class, high levels of rural-urban migrations; high unemployment rates among the youths and much more, agriculture appears to be a very promising sector full of opportunities. And youths are best placed to take advantage of them. “At the Green House Ventures, we continue to provide training, volunteer, internship and job opportunities for many. We are also working to create investment opportunities for youths in greenhouse farming through the establishment of our franchise model backed by a buy back policy.” Roland Fomundam founder and CEO at Greenhouse Ventures Cameroon premier sustainable agricultural company is a business and technology expert specialized in developing and enabling processes for the bottom pyramid markets who believes cucumber cultivation is a sector in which youth can invest. He is also a motivation coach, mentor, teacher of innovation and entrepreneurship and of all a goodwill ambassador.

Some years ago, he decided to invest in cucumber farming in green houses and the results are surprising “We can see today in town of Mbengwi where the project was firstly launched, four hectares of mega greenhouses with an average harvest capacity of 3500kg during a single harvest. The possibility of four harvests, a year is more effective than ever on these farms and the return on investment is within its first year of solid profits and impact.”  Its wooden frame work carries a warranty of 12-15 years meaning you can replace the plastic when warranty expires. Equipped with 25,000 liter water tank to harvest and store water during the rainy season for the dry season, it is no doubt that all this is a great emergence for Cameroon in the agricultural domain. Cameroon stands as the only as the only company as for green house ventures to meet the triple bottom objectives for the people, profit and the environment.

In the months to come this project will be introduced in all the neighborhood in Cameroon. Greenhouse farming is one of the solutions to Cameroon’s agricultural challenges especially for small scale farmers. Greenhouse farming has also proven to assure high yields on small plots with extended shelf lies and high value. It has also proven to be less tedious and more attractive to youths, a fundamental solution to emerging agriculture. This has been complemented by GreenHouse Ventures by the establishment of a business model that assures production and profit

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