East Region. Mandjou to Have a Cassava Processing Plant

Mandjou cassava growers and the ladies of the Cameroon Women Business Leaders Association abbreviated Cwbla met in the East region to brainstorm on this project.

Emmanuel NGOTA

As part of the establishment of a cassava processing plant in Mandjou, growers of this tuber have been urge to cultivate at least 200 tons per year. This encouragement comes from the Cameroon Women Business Leaders Association (Cwbla) who will serve as buyers and thanks to the plant, will transform cassava into cassava flour, organic cassava couscous for diabetics, starch and even animal feed from peelings. This project will come, according to the members of this association, to improve the incomes of the populations, to create about twenty permanent jobs, hundreds of seasonal jobs and thousands of indirect jobs.

After the working session, the cassava producers and members of the association visited the building which will serve as a cassava processing plant and some cassava fields belonging to the GICs and cooperatives of this agglomeration.

Speaking during the working session, the founding president of Cameroon Women Business Leaders AssociationAdelaide Ngallesaid, they are so reassured by the farmers that they will provide them with the raw material while calling at the same time on administrative authorities to make available land of at least 500 hectares on which they will make at least 40% of production.It should be noted that this project benefits is thanks to the technical services of the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, the Social Economy and Crafts, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Spatial Planning.

The CWBLA is an initiative of Mrs. Adelaïde NGALLE-MIANO, CEO of SCI-NK Immobilier, and President-Founder of the CWBLA whose main mission is to promote the activities of women entrepreneurs and contribute to the empowerment of young women, in order to make them more able to contribute effectively to the development of Cameroon.The Cameroon Women Business Leaders Association is an association of women entrepreneurs and leaders, plans to work to promote women’s entrepreneurship in established women entrepreneurs, young graduates and young women entrepreneurs.

Today, cassava is a major staple food and one of Cameroon top five crops. Cassava serves as raw material for more than 80 industrial products worldwide. It represents a delicacy, enabling the processing of many culturally appreciated recipes. Cassava sector embeds many business opportunities but lots of production are unexploited due to many inadequate factors namely production, marketing, communication and infrastructures. The most commonly identified bottleneck to develop cassava market opportunities is the lack of a reliable supply. Consequently, to have a permanent stock security, production and marketing factors have to be identified and upgraded.

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