SODEPA to Boost Livestock Agriculture in Cameroon

Some twenty-four newly appointed officials of the livestock development and animal’s husbandry corporation SODEPA have been commission into functions with instructions to use their rich professional and academic background to develop livestock agriculture in Cameroon. The installation ceremony carried out by the SODEPA general manager Denis Kolania Kouta at the ceremony’s headquarters was also an occasion to celebrate the achievements of the corporation.

Johnson ETAPE

The missions of SODEPA towards the improvement of food security transcend the National boundary. These bearing on SODEPA mission warrant the improvement of qualified and experienced men and women. This explained why the appointment last August ending of some 24 staff by the board of directors of SODEPA. Dr Ando Walters Ndi who is one of the appointees explained to the press men and women that he is going to try to improve on the production of base of animals found in ranches. He is going to amongst other things be involved in operations at the slaughter house to see how they are functioning and equally evaluate if the norms set aside by government in the management of slaughter houses are well respected and implemented. Sheri Chombo on her part has as mission to translate all administrative documents of SODEPA so that official documents will be written in English and French. She intends to sell a very positive image of the SSODEPA Corporation. Fru Godwin Ngwa is equally aware of the challenges ahead of him like following up of projects, seeking finances, help follow up farmers so that they can improve on their production.

While installing the newly appointed personnel, the general manager Denis Kolania Kouta hailed their professionalism and at the same time celebrated some of the achievements amongst them, the opening of cattle ranches, and construction of industrial slaughter houses in Bafoussam, Ngoundere and Maroua and the distribution of improve breeding stuff to traditional producers. Achievements he called on the appointees by putting their youthful knowledge and the confidence of the board of directors meeting in their daily activities. As most of the 24 officials are youths, the general manager hopes the youthful expertise will render SODEPA a very strong structure and will enable it achieve its high ambitions of increasing livestock products in the country and beyond. It’s important to note that the livestock development and animal husbandry corporation SODEPA is one of the main independent structure found in the ministry of livestock Fisheries and animal husbandry whose mission is to develop livestock agriculture in quality and quantity. The objective behind the creation of SODEPA is to provide food sufficiency, increasing protein intake by all Cameroonians and especially fight against poverty, hunger and unemployment rate. And more than ever, the newly appointed at the central service of SODEPA are determined to develop livestock agriculture in Cameroon.

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