Cameroon to Develop a National Strategy on Electronic Commerce

A four-day workshop aimed at developing a national strategy on electronic commerce in Cameroon have taken place at the Yaounde Monte Febe hotel. Organized by the commonwealth secretariat in partnership in the Cameroons ministry of trade, the participants are strategizing on how to render the electronic commerce vibrant in Cameroon which is considered the only country in the Central African sub region with the potentials to fully engage in electronic commerce.

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The government of Cameroon in 2016 solicited the technical expertized of the commonwealth secretariat to review the electronic laws and develop an electronic commerce strategy which in the long run will boost the economy of the country. This is because it was realized though many countries around the globe have witnessed tremendous development due to electronic commerce it was not the case in Cameroon. The electronic commerce sector in Cameroon is yet to be exploited. According Achille Basile Kim 3, secretariat general at the ministry of trade, the problem with electronic commerce in Cameroon is the lack of awareness of the various business opportunities available in the sector. More too that about 60 percent of the population of the country leave in the rural areas and do not have access and means to exploit the electronic commerce sector.

The experts at the Yaoundé conference have told the few Cameroonians business men the sector that Cameroon has the potentials to develop the electronic commerce sector as a greater proportion of it youthful population are into the new information and communication technology. Mrs. Opeyemi Abebe trade adviser at the commonwealth secretariat disclose that business to consumers and consumers to consumers are the two form of electronic commerce widely practiced in Cameroon. She cited examples like Jumia Cameroon who are leaders on the marketing of their products today thanks to the business to consumer’s form of business that have been adopted by its shareholders.

After reviewing the 2010 electronic laws as instructed by the head of state, the expert will come up with a national strategy on her to develop an electronic commerce strategy in the country. The general over view of the situation indicated the electronic commerce sector in the country has recorded a steady growth due to increase in internet access and telecommunication services. The representative of the ministry of trade said a sound and reliable ecosystem and electronic commerce will be put in place. The wish of the head of state is to insure that the digital economy and electronic commerce be developped so that they can identify companies that can boost the work of those in the private sector. Electronic commerce and digital trade according to President Paul Biya in future and the future is now.

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