Cameroonian Youths Empowered Through Specialized Projects

Never a time that  the Head of State his Excellency PAUL BIYA addresses the youths without making mention of youths as veritable partners of development. This therefore implies that specialized programs have been elaborated in the different sectors and youths are given prominence.

The special triennial plan for the socio economic insertion of young people was officially launched on January 11, 2017 in Yaoundé. The program that began with a financial package of 102 billion francs CFA a seeks to facilitate and accelerate the socio economic insertion of youths through mobilisation, civic education and entrepreneurship as well as the employment or installation of youths in the production of service delivery units. The special triennial youth plan is said to harbour all other governmental projects designed for youths in other to ensure better coherence, monitoring and follow up.

The plan has three main objectives which cuts across the putting into place of a national observatory, the specialisation and reinforcement of operational capacity of existing projects and programs existing at the ministry of youth affairs and civic education and the development of infrastructure and equipment for social education and proximity coordination of youths.

Youth triennial projects

The other projects places under the auspices of the ministry of youth affairs and civic education includes; the urban and rural youths support program (PAJER U) which is specialized in  accelerating the socio economic integration through junior enterprises. It targets youths between 15 to 35years of age in 17 development projects. This project was put in place by the government in 2007 to provide technical, entrepreneurial and managerial assistance in animal breeding, innovations, transformations and the conservation of local materials, hair dressing, metallic works, electricity, electronics the list goes on and on.

The national youth fund abbreviated (FONIJ) is another triennial project plan which is at the centre of mobilizing funds for the financing of youth projects. In this respect it finances productive and innovative projects that are in the production phase with the goal of contributing to professionalization and poverty reduction. It therefore serves as an intermediary between youths and partners in all categories of public and private structures that offers services that favour the socio economic insertion of youths.

Another important project destined for the youths is the national youth observatory program (PNV). This program seeks to promote skills for personal development. Put in place in 2017 in order to mobilize, citizen participation and promotion skills of all social strata, qualified and ready to engage in development activities or collective interest.

The project for the socio economic insertion of youths for the creation of micro enterprises in the manufacture of sports equipment abbreviated (PIJMA) can’t be undermined for it valorises made in Cameroon brand. It train youths between the ages of 15 to 35 on the technics of making sports materials including football, nets, jersey, gloves and a lot more.

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