Cybercrime. Government brainstorms on different protection strategies

The intrusion of conventional and non-conventional organs into the cyberspace of Cameroon has left untold damages on the image of the country.

Cynthia Efopa

In this setting where Cameroon is fighting terrorism within and out of its borders, her enemies have found refuge in some internet programs through which they published documents and images whose contents and veracity is highly left to be desired. The image of the country has been rubbed and its diversity jealously misinterpreted by those who envy her unity in diversity, natural resources and intellectual prowess, they do not care how much tarnishing they effect on Cameroons image through unpatriotic schemes to fuel their egoistic claims. These weaknesses they hope betrays our economic development and international cooperation with partners. The multiplication of fictitious conversational platforms on the internet flooded with fake news destined for fake propaganda on Cameroon has been the daily job of some. This situation is worsen by the porous nature of Cameroons cyberspace which apparently is an easily accessible zone to internet giants despite all measures put-in  by government to ensure its total protection.

It is within the framework of this unlawful and impromptu interferences that an inter-ministerial committee headed by the Prime Minister, Head of Government Philomon Yang has been assigned to come out with measures aimed at fighting threats geared toward meddling Cameroon national Cyberspace. The committee has the daunting task to know the existing state of affairs; the surveillance and protection strategy already put in place, different partner organizations working in the domain, technical installations existing and the legal framework. All these aspects are vital to come up with an emergency plan that will aide in the eventual localization and pursuit of cybercriminal, guarantee protection of the cyberspace, anticipates on possible threats, detect and stop it from reaching the target. Responding appropriately to diverse attacks and ensuring resilience of the cyberspace is also the committees concern.

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