CRTV Train Journalists on Election Coverage

Some journalists of the Cameroon radio television have taken the engagement to report with precision facts for the 2018 presidential election in conformity with the laws enforce and respecting the ethics of the profession. They made their commitment known this Thursday in the nation’s capital at the close of a two day training workshop organized by the Cameroon.

Johnson ETAPE

Coverage for the 2018 presidential election at the Cameroon radio television is poised to be at its best with the edification of a crop of senior reporter’s task with recounting the historical rendezvous. For two days, press men and women of the fourth estate zoomed in on major ethical and legal instruments guiding their craftsmanship. In terms of bridge of law the trainer said the reporter is likely going to pay the price. The forum is just one that has enhanced the capacity to do decent and balance reporting.

Decent reporting that also entails reawakening, writing and delivery skills roughed at the end edges. Matute Meyoli a senior reporter at CRTV center says they have had so many reminders. It’s true they have been doing the journalism profession a couple of other times but the training he thinks has been quite timely to be much more armed and equipped more than ever before during this election period. To CRTV management, executing the corporation strategies for optimum election cover was the bases of the training which is one in a series. The director of magazines at the radio news department Ebenezer Winyawko Motale emphasize that the journalists who will be covering elections will be objective and balance with the reports of all the nine presidential candidates. They will give the aspiring equal treatment. CRTV has decided that little things like the length of the report, what CRTV expects from the special envoys. Some will be embedded with some of the candidates so that every one of them will be happy at the end with what CRTV reporters would have done for them. Editorial and managerial skills necessary to lent credibility not only to the country’s state broadcaster but the entire nation.

The main panellist Prof Felix Anicet Noah said many lessons have been learnt by reporters during the seminar on electoral coverage. He was involved to describe to the journalists how they have to do casting. The journalists to him has the task of selection of what he or she will say and for them to note that time on the air is very short and they must choose better sounds, use best speakers in their reports so that the report is strong. He talked about the format, the conception of the report, the duration. At the close he appreciated the participative way CRTV men and women took in the training.


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