NCC Appreciates Campaign Coverage

The Chairman of the National Communication Council loaded the efforts made by media practitioners during a press briefing held in Yaounde.

Cynthia EFOPA      

Barely two days to the end of presidential campaigns that will culminate on Sunday October 7th in polling stations and centers, media men and women are following the trend as it happens in all the different political formations. Midway into the campaigns, the President of the National Communication Council, Peter Esoka on Monday 1st 2018 held a press briefing to make known the result of the evaluation of media professionals in covering the different campaigns as per time and airspace allocated by private and public media to the varied presidential aspirants.

Based on statistics presented by the technical service of the National Communication Council, the President of the institution declared that so far the coverage of campaigns has been satisfactory despite some loop holes.  Talking to some militants of the opposition parties, they were elated to voice the objectivity in space allocated for campaigns on government state owned media; Cameroon Tribune and the Cameroon Radio Television. They appreciated the CRTV for following up flag bearers of the nine political parties running for the top position of the country. Via the slot titled “the campaign news” and many other sub programs, these journalists bring to Cameroonians through images and sounds the effervescences and euphoria that characterizes different political meetings. Crtv made it possible by detaching fix communication team to each political party and even abroad. These teams trail the candidates throughout the national territory to report their activities to Cameroonians. The Cameroon Tribune also takes time in its “Campaign Gazette” to paint campaign pictures of the activities of the nine candidates in the minds of its readers. The private media on its part, is leaving no stone unturned to display a high sense of professionalism and responsible reporting as they trail the campaign caravans of the nine political parties.

For those still dragging feet behind, Peter Esoka reminded them to toe the line by respecting the principles of objectivity, equality, pluralism, transparency and the legislation in place, for as he puts it “the success of the democratic process in our country calls for the responsibility of each and every one of us”. The NCC is the watchdog of media organs charged in regulating the sector and sanction defaulters (journalists and media organs) when the need arises.

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