Presidential Elections 2018. Why Paul Biya is not invited for a Debate to CRTV

People absolutely want to debate with President Biya. President Biya has another stature, we must respect this stature, said the director general of the Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV), Charles Ndongo.

Emmanuel NGOTA

This argument put forth by the director general of CRTV stemmed from the coverage of the activities and the organization of debates within the framework of the presidential election of October 07, 2018, by the Cameroon radio-television, the public organization of Radio and Television.

In respect to this, CRTV journalist, Michel Njock Abanda, in an interview with Charles Ndongo, question the fact that the show100% Presidentielle is not always the taste of viewers, one of such flagship programs broadcast every Tuesday nights on the national television. In reply, Charles Ndongo replied that, the show is also part of democracy and we shouldn’t forget that we are in the media game which is a translation of political game and therefore the democratic game. The Director General added that, this program was created for the candidates, so that they come to expose their program and that, they come to defend this program and we shouldn’t overlook that with the television, with the radio, there is a wolf effect on the candidates defends Charles Ndongo.

Some go with the assertion that, Garga Haman Adji and Cabral Libii, the two presidential candidates of October 7, 2018 who were respectively on the set of the first and second edition of “100% Presidentielle”, had as their opponents, the representatives of Paul Biya, candidate of the CPDM, political party in power. The absence of the outgoing Head of State in this special program and in the other talk shows on the 2018 Presidential, is causing an uproar. Charles Ndongo thinks it’s wrong because, people absolutely want to debate with President Biya. President Biya has another stature and we must respect this stature. We have a one-round election, with whom the president would come to debate? We are not going to organize nine debates because we have nine candidates. The election, if it had been two laps, he would have had a skimming, the first round to emerge two candidates. At that time, one could have imagined as elsewhere, a debate between the two rounds justifies the senior journalist.

Worthy of mentioning is the fact that as the D day for the 2018 presidential elections slated on October 7, media organs organises talk show programs wherein they invite candidates postulating for the post of president of the republic of Cameroon. Some critics holds that it is not a must to respect an invitation from a media house or better still a president of a political party in respect to his schedule may delegate a party official to represent him. So far 9 candidates are vying for this this prestigious post at the helm of the nation.

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