Economy. Industrial Development: Bamenda Zone Is Operational

Economic operators invited by the Industrial Zones Development and Management Authority, (MAGZI) to invest this area of ​​44 hectares

Emmanuel NGOTA

Everything is ready for the Bamenda industrial to go operational. This was contained in a statement by the Director General of the Industrial Zone Management and Development Mission (Magzi) Christol Georges Manon which is an assurance that the Bamenda Nkwen Industrial Zone is now exploitable.
The manager of the Industrial Zone Management and Development Mission invites all potential investors wishing to develop an activity in the area to already take the office of Magzi Bamenda office to obtain information on the terms and conditions of rental space since investment projects are currently going on. The general manager added that, five hectares out of the 44 available have already found takers. They will thus be able to benefit from the infrastructures in supply of electrical energy, water and even roads.

In order to benefit from the infrastructures the following modalities have been put in place which is a request specifying the nature of your project a duly filled form to ensure the feasibility of your project then you are offered an agreement in principle which the operator will then pay the demarcation according to the areas which ranges from 200,000 to 1,000,000 francs.
While putting the necessary dispositions for this industrial zone to go operational, Christol Georges Manon said “Our invitation to invest goes first to children in this part of the country, because most of them are outside and they are big industrialists. If they invest and set up businesses in these areas, it will solve the problem of unemployment and create some wealth which is our goal.

Those who are to invest in this site will enjoy a lot of benefits, which is first of all is security on land. Since they are tenants, they are not likely to pay the property tax. They also benefit from a follow-up of the Magzi, explains the Dg de la Magzi. For now a metre square will cost 400 F but could be revised downward.

The Industrial Zone Management and Development Mission is primarily concerned with developing and managing industrial zones nationwide. It supports the State in implementing its industrial promotion and environment protection policy. This therefore implies that it has as objectives in contributing to the development of the industrial fabric in Cameroon; facilitate the reception and implantation of economic operators, especially industrialists; contribute in reducing unemployment, managing urban and semi-urban areas and protecting the environment and work towards attaining Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by contributing to the protection of the environment.

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