Financing Economy. Okala Edoa’s Plan

The economist, Okala Edoa, has wrote a book that provides suggestions for improving the performance of public and para-public institutions, in particular.

Cynthia EFOPA

Because the organization and management systems, as well as the performance objectives of public and para-public institutions are now similar to that of private structures, Joseph Désiré Okala Edoa, a teacher in strategic management and financial engineering among others, has thought to offer a guide in that respect. A guide that also addresses private companies, students, researchers, academics, etc.

The author, in his foreword, thinks that “any applicant for funding in Cameroon in particular and in Africa in general could benefit”. Indeed, “Financing plan of the Cameroonian economy: ambition or revolution? A 178-page book can be considered as “an armada of technical tools and prerequisites for financing a project; a set of courses on the financing of companies with public or private capital and the management of companies “, indicates the author.
It is in six chapters that Joseph Désiré Okala Edoa delivers this course of another style with at the beginning, a lesson on the history and the development of the economy of Cameroon. But the heart of the book is in the second, third and sixth chapters.

Focusing on the knowledge economy, financial arbitrage, corporate finance, obstacles to the development of the knowledge economy and the structuring of financing of the Cameroonian economy, chapters 2 and 3 are, according to author, the extension of a lecture on “the strategic management of public and private companies”. Chapter 6, entitled “How to make public institutions more efficient in a context of scarcity funds and extended credit facility with the IMF, allows to review a lesson on the strategic management of publicly-owned enterprises.
Here, the author suggests, for example, darning the vision of the public institution, carry out a strategic diagnosis both internally (human resources, finance, information system, etc.) and externally (matrix of threats, opportunities real to be grasped, etc.). But also to elaborate texts of behavioural framework and tools of control and control of the performance (rules of procedure in particular). When we know that this book was written in a context where Cameroon is facing.

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