Government Train Actors on New Public Contract Code

Actors involve in the execution of public contracts from the public and private sectors are acquainting themselves with the demands of the new public contract code signed by a presidential decree last June. The new code gives guidelines to facilitate procurement procedure, fight corruption and assure transparency in the award of public contracts in Cameroon. The ten days refresher course has been organized by the Ministry of finance under the advance program of specialization in finance in partnership with public contract regulatory agency.

Johnson ETAPE

Cameroon new republic contract code signed by presidential decree last June 20th 2018 clearly states the roles applicable to the preparation award, execution, control and regulation of public contract in the country. To ensure that the new code produced palpable results in the country, the Ministry of finance through the advance program of specialization in public contract in partnership with the public contract regulatory agency is organizing a refresher course for public contract workers in various ministries as well as stakeholders in the private sector. The ten days’ refresher course content is made up of modules that are designed to suit the profile of participants. According to Basahak Achille Nestor who is the head of the pilot committee of the advance program of specialization in public finance, the training session has many specificities and the specificities ties with the convention signed with the public contract regulatory agency in order to disseminate the reform in the domain of public contract. During the training they have things that will be learn like the new modifications in the presidential decree, the vocabulary of public contract, the roles of major actors in the sector among other things.

Opening the ten days’ refresher course seminar in Yaounde the minister of finance Louis Paul Motaze said it is the wish of the head of state that there is improve quality in the execution of the public contracts in Cameroon. He further explained that the public contract sector which is characterized with a high level of corruption has preoccupied government. This is the main reason why the president of the Republic Paul Biya decided to institute new reforms in the sector so that Cameroonians can benefit from projects destined to improve on their livelihoods. He called on the participants to listen attentively to all the presentations especially those concerning the online award of public contracts which is aimed at avoiding corruption and favouritism in the award of the public contracts. At the end of the training the participants will become certified as public contracts workers and this implies that they have to work in line with the key areas in the public contract new code.

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