1.4 Billion FCFA for the Residents of Yaounde-Nsimalen Highway

This amount was distributed to some 179 people last Wednesday September 11, 2018 at Meyo, in the Mfoundi division.

Emmanuel NGOTA

Those compensated during this operation were owners of homes, bare land, or plantations and other belongings taken into stock during feasibility studies carried out ahead of the construction works of the Yaounde- Nsimalen highway.This third phase of compensation for the populations living along this stretch is another step towards the materialization of this project.

According to the senior divisional officer of Mfoundi, Jean Claude Tsila, this compensation phase will permit the smooth execution of works without interruption as the project is witnessing a boom in its realisation. In this vein Jean Claude Tsila added that as of present the engineers concern with the work are now tackling the urban section of the highway.

Regarding the works, the divisional delegate of public works for the Mfoundi, reiterated that the current section of the highway in the open country section in Meyo is already drawn and if the right of way is released to Ahala, the work that has never been stopped will continue hitch free.

In fact, the Yaounde-Nsimalen expressway urban extension section is divided into three lots entrusted to three separate construction companies. The first batch of 6.1 km will be constructed by the Chinese-French Sinohydro / Louis Berger Group which will extend from Ahala to Trois statues junction via the Nsam junction. The second batch will cover 2.3 km and will be built by the Sino-French China Road & Bridge Corporation (CRBC) / Louis Berger Group. It starts from the intersection Trois statues, post central through the officers’ mess. While the last batch will be handled by Arab Contractors / Louis Berger Group and will stretch on a linear 3.9 km right up to the esplanade of D.O’s office at Tsinga.

As part of the preparation of the terms of reference of the environmental and social impact assessment, the government made public, in December 2016, the projected cost of the infrastructure that will cross Yaounde, from east to west. The projected 12.3 km is estimated at 190 billion FCFA, exactly 189, 861 billion, including 185 billion corresponding to work and 4.7 billion dedicated to feasibility studies. This amount will be refined as a result of implementation studies, according to the document.

The Yaounde – Nsimalen motorway which seeks to improve circulation from the Yaounde town and the Nsimalen International Airport. The road is composed of two compartments; 11.3 Km in the rural zone and 10 km in the urban area of Yaounde. However, the road construction project is independent from that of the corridor.

The according to the technical features of the corridor, it will be two hundred meter wide on each side of the motorway.  The motor way and corridor will consequently cover a total width of 500 meters on both sides. The motorway will run across three divisions; Mefou and Afamba, Mefou and Akona as well as Mfoundi.

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