Decentralization and Local Development. Launch of the 2018 Performance Counter

The competition established in the communes through the performance window has recently been revived in the Adamawa region. It was during an information and sensitization workshop, organized by the regional unit of the National Participatory Development Program (NPDP), in the proceeding room of the urban community of Ngaoundéré.


“Amplify the enhancement of the transformational processes of mentalities, to give a greater impulse to the local development», this is one of the main aims of the competition launched in Ngaundéré by the Minister of Decentralization and Local Development. For it to be as fair as possible, in order to assess the efforts made by the municipalities and determine the municipalities to be the priority, the NPDP has adopted criteria validated by its technical and financial partners. These criteria include “good governance”. For program managers, while it is true that the need to achieve better results in relation to these criteria will encourage healthy emulation between municipalities, they are a catalyst for achieving the target values ​​of certain indicators of the framework. As a prelude to the official launch by Roland Ngué Nkana, the Adamaoua Region governor’s representative, the mayors were treated to an information and awareness phase on the process.

For one hour, Suzy Nzepang, Regional Monitoring and Evaluation Manager of the PNDP Adamaoua presented the mayors with the evaluation grids of the communes, for selection at the box office performance. Following this, some mayors had the opportunity to comment on the various criteria presented. For the coordinator of the regional unit of the PNDP Adamaoua, it is necessary to make up for the lost time, “it is necessary to accelerate the process of operation in the Region, to catch up with the other parts of the country”, recalled Nana Maadjou. Before launching the performance window process, the governor’s representative urged the mayors to participate in this competition.

This ceremony is part of the very busy agenda of   Georges Elanga Obam who has initiated contacts with his main collaborators since his arrival at the head of the ministerial department. After the installation ceremony chaired last March by the Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, it was necessary to be of attack for the beginning of works and operations.   Pending the new organization chart, setting the operation of the various services, there has been no time to rest for the Minister of Decentralization and Local Development. The first current files on decentralization are already being studied and processed.

In Ngaoundéré, After the installation of the regional technical team, the governor’s representative handed over the generators to some communes. The appointment is made to start the collection of evaluation data in the communes. A great step towards decentralization enhanced by the head of state president Paul Biya.

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