East Region Reaps Fruits of Lom Pangar Project

Unlike some government investments which do not bear fruit, the Lom Pangar Hydroelectric dam project is turning out to be an exception. Lom Pangar was delivered as at when due; and for once, inhabitants of the locality where the dam is located are already counting their blessings; just as the wider population of the East region. Thanks to Lom Pangar, Bertoua city dwellers can now boast of regular water supply. Electricity from the dam is now being used to beef up power supply which is facilitating work at construction site of a giant water facility to serve the regional capita, and its environ.

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Added to this the extension of water to the communities that were formerly not linked to the city’s water grid; rehabilitation of dilapidated water structures in the city and reinforcement of water supply to parts of the town that, in the past, witnessed timid and irregular water supply. When the Minister of Energy and Water Resources, Elondou Essomba Gaston undertook a working visit to the East region recently, he expressed appreciation to the management of Electricity Development Corporation, EDC, for the success story recorded through the speedy execution of Lom Pangar project. He noted how successful the completion of that project is impacting the livelihood of Cameroonians and other people living in the part of the country. During the Minister’s visit, he also appreciated the extension work being carried out at the region’s headquarters of the national electricity distribution corporation, ENEO. He observed that it was commendable that thanks to Lom Pangar, extension of electricity supply was being done by ENOE for the benefits of the population.

The high point of Minister Elondou’s visit was the inauguration of an Electricity production factory located close to the Lom Pangar project site. With the inauguration of that production unit, many more communities in the East region will soon enjoy steady and cheap power supply. According to the Minister of Water Resources and Energy, communities to benefit from immediate connection to the new electricity supply facility include; Yangamo, Deng Deng, Ngoura, Den Kette, Goyoum; for a start, while more villages will follow suit. Local administration including the General Manager of EDC, Dr. Theodore Nsangou, are already predicting a boom in economic activity in the East region, thanks to the functioning of the Lom Pangar dam. The confession of Zeh Boniface, Mayor of Belabo, and evoked even greater hope: “Socioeconomic activities in many council area are gradually coming to life,” the local administrator stated. East region of recent has benefited much from some giant economic projects like, the Lom Pangar and Mekin Hydroelectric projects worth billions of francs cfa. Inhabitants of the East region while reaping the fruits of these projects have not ceased to express gratitude to government.

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