Economy. Autonomous Port of Kribi Has Two Scanners for Securing of Goods

A partnership agreement was signed on November 30, 2018 at Kribi between the general manager of the autonomous Port and the concessionaire in charge of the installation of these devices.

Emmanuel NGOTA

The contract relates to the installation, operation and maintenance of the scanners on the port site of Mboro. For the American dealer, it is one of the best technologies in the world and the Director General of the Kribi autonomous Port has seized the opportunity to urge all maritime trade players to comply with this new requirement which is an imperative in terms of safety and security of goods.

For Patrick Martin, the general manager of the Kribi autonomous port, “the scanner is a very important operation for port security, and the government has decided that the autonomous port of Kribi will be 100% scanned. We have seen this through the signing of this Convention, “he says.

Through these two scanners and this device for detecting radioactive materials, the autonomous Port of Kribi complies with the requirements of the large ribs. According to Edwin Khin, the representative of the American dealer Sciences and engineering, “he has a transmission technology. Today we have the opportunity to fight against customs fraud. So these devices are very important for an institution like the autonomous Port of Kribi, he recalls.

On the port platform of Mboro, the two scanners acquired by the Government of the will facilitate the verification of the goods, a great breakthrough for the autonomous port of Kribi whose port Authority promotes the security of operations Import-Export on the site.

The Kribi Deep Seaport in Mboro, some 35 km from the headquarters of the Ocean Division of the South Region, is technically fit for use. The constructor, China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) is done with all works on the edifice and the imposing infrastructure is now ready to receive vessels of all sizes. All that is needed to make the port functional are in Kribi.

The Kribi Deep Seaport consists of two terminals: A 265 m long multipurpose terminal with a capacity of 1.5 million tonnes and a 350 m long container terminal with a capacity of 350,000 EVP. All the equipment that can allow ships to anchor in the two terminals are already available. There are two container cranes to handle containerized goods. There are also portal cranes to handle non-containerized goods. According to Peter Munongo Aboko, Civil Engineer at the Coordination Unit of the Port’s Steering Committee, one of the portal cranes can handle both containerized and non-containerized goods. There are spreaders to handle containers and make the port more efficient. It means that we can have the three of them work at the same time on the same ship. According to the design of the port, the multipurpose terminal is to harbour vessels with lengths of 200 m while the container terminal is designed to handle vessels of 293 m long. Two of such ships can anchor at the same time and there is a security gap between,” he said. Experts say the port can now receive simultaneously three ships of 200 m each.

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