Energy Emergency. Paul Biya Boosts the Sector

The construction of hydroelectric dams has been a priority in his agenda of making Cameroon an emerging nation come 2035.

Cynthia EFOPA

The Head of State, President Paul Biya achievements in the economic sector has been glaring in the energy segment as he has embarked in the construction of several hydroelectric power plants across the country. Before now, Cameroon used to witness a lot of power shortages due to increase in population that automatically causes an increase in the usage of electricity in households. This deficit in electricity can equally be explained basing on the growth of industries that for sure makes use of more electric energy.  The consequences of this power supply nightmares was a great slowdown in the development of the country’s economy. To solve this problem, the Head of State put in place a battery of contingency measures geared towards boosting the energy sector. It consisted of the construction of giant hydroelectric power plants to increase Cameroons energy potentials thereby inviting more investors.

on June 12, 2012, President Paul Biya started with the construction of the Mmevele Hydro Electricity power dam in Nyabisan in the South Region, followed was the laying of the foundation stone of the Lom Pangar Hydroelectric dam on August 10, 2012, then the Menkim Hydroelectric power dam, the Penin Awara Hydro Power Plant in the Adamawa region and the Nachtigal Hydroelectric project, not leaving out the Kribi gas fire electricity plant. All these projects are meant to curb the frequent and prolonged power cuts that has hinder investment and slow economic growth.

Works on the Mmvele hydroelectric dam will be completed at the end of this year and it will produce some 243 billions of cubic water and 211MW of energy while Lom Pangar dam will produce some 600 billion cubic meter of water to the Songloulou power plant. Preliminary works on the hydroelectric power plant in Adamawa is already completed and the second phase of construction work is ongoing. At the point of completion, the dam in Adamawa will produce some 75MW of electricity. The Nachtigal hydroelectric project on its part consist of the construction and operation of a 420MW hydro power plant on the Sanaga River and a 225KV electric transmission line. Just the Nachtigal project alone will cover 30 percent of Cameroons electric needs.

At the end of all these schemes that falls within the framework of giant projects carried out by the Head of State to make Cameroon energy sufficient by 2035, not only Cameroon will enjoy the benefits, neighboring countries like Gabon and Equatorial Guinea will equally have the opportunity to profit from Cameroons energy sector.

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