Energy. Water Sector Witness Fresh Impetus

The state owned Cameroon Utilities Corporation has been tasked with all activities of the water sector so as to provide quality potable water to all Cameroonians.

Cynthia EFOPA

In other to encourage excellence, efficiency and specialization in the water sector, the Cameroon government opted for division of labour with the private sector. The production, storage and distribution of potable water in urban and semi urban centers in Cameroon was ceded to a Moroccan firm while the transportation, rehabilitation and management of potable water infrastructures was the tasked of the government owned Cameroon Utilities Corporation. The ten year experience of the private firm performing the commercialization function was not the best as many Cameroonians were complaining that the quantity and quality of potable water supplied felt below their expectations and needs while the payment of the ever increasing bills remained a herculean task. Such incessant complains did not fall on deaf ears as the government decided to fast track and put the entire water business in to the hands of one company; the State owned Cameroon Water Utilities Corporation- CAMWATER.

Since May 1st 2018, CAMWATER has taken full control of all potable water operations in the country with the objective to solve the persistent water crises in urban cities like Yaounde and Douala and all the regional chief towns. It has the daunting task to distribute and commercialize the precious liquid to the ever growing population and to improve and develop water infrastructures. For the head start, it has inherited all the assets and the 1400 workers of Camerounais des Eauxs as well as its 560 agents who have all been recruited. This new dispensation of the water sector is contained in a presidential decree signed by President Paul Biya on 20, February 2018.

In additions to all activities related to the production, transportation, storage and distribution of potable water to urban and semi urban areas, as well as the construction and rehabilitation of water infrastructures, the company is expected to put in place a plan of action for the sustainable development of the sector, improve on the quality of water and services provided to users and increase access to potable water in Cameroon.

All the reforms, reorganization and restructuring provided for by the President of the Republic is meant to enhance the water sector and provide quality water to t Cameroonians. This has come to raise hopes of Cameroonians who now know that the water sector in Cameroon will now have a concrete and palatable solution.

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