Government Evaluates Major Infrastructural Projects Up North

A delegation led by the minister of public contracts was in the North region this week to evaluate progress made so far in major infrastructural projects. The projects assessed by Minister Abba Sadou and his delegation will be completed in time.

Wianeng Wanmbui

Some of the projects are I’m the social housing domain. This include the construction contract consisting of 100 housing units in Bockle, on the outskirts of Garoua, worth a little over FCFA 5.5 billion was to be delivered on May 5, 2018 after two first extensions. Measures are being taken by government to speed up construction works. The correction of these dysfunctions has were also guaranteed. To make up for the delay, the company has grown from 148 to 280 workers, and will start working at night within a week.

The contract for the construction of the Regional Hospital Center was also reviewed. The Garoua Gynecopsychiatric hospital, planned as part of the three-year emergency plan, has been included in Garoua’s specifications for CAN. The yard experienced difficulties in finding qualified subcontractors and keeping its workforce on site. The contractual end of the contract is scheduled for October 31, 2018. With a progress rate of 13.5% for 70% of deadlines consumed, the company wanted an extension until December but the public contracts minister was categorical. A new schedule must be submitted, integrating the delivery on the scheduled date, he said. There too, a multiplication of numbers and night work has been advocated.

As regards road projects, particularly highways, the crossroad axis Beac – Camp Sic Roumde Adjia will be delivered in a month and a half, as planned in the contract. The successful bidder has given the assurance. In this part, the concerns of the company concern more technical aspects. On the one hand, the coating layer that has been planned in the market is laterite, but for reasons of durability, the experts proposed that it be gravel.

Construction of hotels also came under review. In terms of figures, the situation of the three four-star hotels to be built and to be rehabilitated for CAN 2019 seems alarming, though not impossible. But with equipment acquired by companies (concrete mixers, concrete plants, mobile and stationary cranes) and the accelerated pace of turnover of existing staff, companies and control missions are reassuring about catching up on these delays and the ability to deliver them on time.

For stadiums, while the overall pace of progress of the yards is appreciable, the current workforce mobilized at the main stage of Roumde Adjia are insufficient and should be increased to 600 against 400 currently to catch up. In addition, many components to be imported, the Minmap recommended that teams of technical controls go to the countries of manufacture to ensure the quality and compliance of these elements against the contract specifications.

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