Sanaga –Maritime Division Receives 2 City Council Buildings

The Sub-Divisions of Dizangue and Edea II of the Sanaga Maritime Division of the Littoral Region of Cameroon have been donated each a council building constructed by the Special Council Support Fund for Mutual Assistance (FEICOM).

Cynthia Efopa

Two city councils have been inaugurated by the Minister of Decentralization and Local Development Georges Elanga Obam in Dizangue and Edea II respectively, all councils of the Sanaga – Maritime Division. The new buildings were constructed with finances from the Special Council Support Fund for Mutual Assistance (FEICOM).

In both works, the contractors, municipal teams and FEICOM officials involved in the construction were congratulated for a job well done by the FEICOM Director General Philippe Camille Akoa.

In Dizangue, the project that is worth some 248 million CFA francs is implanted on a surface area of 740 meters square and the R+1 building is composed of 9 offices, a hall of acts, and toilettes. At the ground floor, is the Mayors cabinet and the council’s treasury, 10 other offices, a magazine and a conference hall. Outside are gardens, pavements and a flag pole bearing the flag of Cameroon.

On the request of the Mayor of Dizangue, Samuel Bekoe who was decorated during the inauguration ceremony with a medal of the Cameroon Order of Valor, FFEICOM has approved a demand to equip the building at the sum of 42 million CFA francs.

As for the Edea II council, construction works was executed in two phases, at the sum of 158.3 million and 140 million CFA francs respectively. A demand to equip the building at a sum of 20 million francs CFA has been addressed to FEICOM by Mayor Jean Pierre Nje. The building which is implanted on a site of three acres is equally an R+1 building made up of 11 offices at the ground floor and the mayors cabinet and 12 other offices are at the first floor. Out of the building is an esplanade with well-placed pavement around a flag pole.

At each occasion, the Minister of Decentralization and local Development Georges Elanga Obam insisted on the necessity of maintenance work on the buildings which he said are proofs of the importance government attaches to the development and modernization of councils.

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