Yaounde-Douala Motorway. 60% Execution Progress

Studies for the second phase of the motorway which is one of the giant projects inscribed in President Paul Biya’s greater realisation programme have already been concluded. 

The construction of a motorway linking the nation’s administrative and political capital, Yaounde and the economic epicentre of the country (Douala) is real. A promise made and kept by the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, who announced the project within his greater achievement programme in 2011. At the moment, the execution progress for the first phase of the multibillion project stands at 60 per cent. The evaluation was made on the site on Thursday by the Minister of Public Works, Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, who expressed satisfaction with the level of execution by the Chinese firm, China First Engineering Highway Company. 

The first phase of the Yaounde-Douala motorway constitute 60km. The first 20km of the express road was completed in 2017 and the Project Manager of the Chinese company, Wen, said the priority for 2018 is to construct another 20km. With the first 20km already tarred, the company is presently terracing between PK 20-40 with 70 per cent of the work on this section realised already.  

Apart from the rains that perturbs the smooth functioning of the project, other human factors were raised by the Control Mission such as access to the land amongst others. But Public Works Minister came with proposals to surmount all hurdles and move the project forward. 

Indemnities For Locals Imminent  

One of the obstacles to the smooth execution of the Yaounde-Douala Motorway is access to the project space. Locals present stiff resistance to vacate their property on the project space on grounds that they have not been paid indemnities. The Minister of Public Works in his recent assessment visit to the project site announced that all is set for the payment of indemnities to begin next week. “I am happy to announce to you that the decree according compensation to various beneficiaries have already been signed by the Prime Minister. I am giving you assurance that from next week we will begin payment because all necessary measures have been taken for the resources to be disbursed,” Nganou Djoumessi told the locals.  

The salutary measure taken by the government, will enable the company to carry on with the project hitch free and deliver the architectural jewel within the time frame. While waiting for the indemnities, work is however continuing on the site. 

Meanwhile, studies for the second phase of the Yaounde-Douala Motorway have been concluded and summited. Phase two comprises of two sections Bibodi-Edea from PK 60-PK 141 while section two runs from Edea to Douala (PK 141-196) The total length of the second phase is 215km. The project which falls within the public-private partnership will gulp a whopping amount of FCFA 284 billion.  

Shawn-Nathan Epang 

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