Yaounde-Douala Motorway. 60% of First Phase

Work on the first phase of this project is scheduled to end on October 12, 2018.

Emmanuel NGOTA

The continuity of work related to the first phase of the Yaounde-Douala highway reveals that there is a need for additional financing, estimated at about 40 billion FCFA. In fact, it happens that there are some connection works that need to be done in order to allow the implementation of this part of the work.

The report of this project highlights that, the connection to the urban network of the city of Yaounde by Minkoameyos, the connection to the RN3 by Boumneyebel, the related facilities and the acquisition of equipment for the operation of the toll stations and service areas amongst others amounts to about 108 billion FCFA. The revelation to this project also holds that this site as many others has experienced clashes. The most visible being the slowness observed in the liberation of the rights of way of works and the mobilization of the counterparties.
As a reminder, the construction of the first phase of the Douala-Yaounde motorway began in October 2014.

This first phase covers 60 km between the town of Nkolkoumou and Bibodi. The Chinese company China First Highway Engineering Company is the successful bidder for this contract. The group Scet Tunisia / Louis Berger provides technical control of the structure. In principle, it is necessary to build 60 km of motorway on a profile of 2X2 extensible tracks in 2X3 ways. The structure has two carriageways of 7.50 m each, two emergencies stop strips 3m wide each, a median strip of 10.5m shaped “V”. The overall cost of the structure is 284 billion FCFA. It is 85% supported by Exim Bank China and 15% by the Government of Cameroon.
In addition to information, it should be noted that the second phase of the book will extend over a distance of 136 km. It will go from Bibodi to Douala East.

Concerning the priority road section which should link Yaounde and Douala, the political capital and the administrative capital, the Government has already reached an agreement-in-principle with a Chinese company, as thetwo- lane highway stretch of 70 km is built according to Chinese standards, with a reference speed of 100km/h from Yaounde to Douala.

The Douala-Yaounde highway construction project costs 400 to 500 billion. The works will involve the construction of a new highway on a new route, while conserving the current national highway No. 3. The purpose is to release potential traffic which has so far been impeded by the conditions of calculability of the heavy traffic between the two major Cameroonian cities. Road accidents on this route amply illustrate the need to provide the best travelling possibilities in terms of reference speed and security for persons and goods.

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