Kribi Digital Economy Forum Innovation for Societal Benefit

During the Kribi Digital Economy Forum, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications emphasized the importance of digital economy by calling on business leaders to support innovative projects.

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The development of the digital economy is at the centre of government’s concerns.” This statement was made by the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications (Minpostel), Minette Libom Li Likeng, during the opening of the first forum on innovation and emerging technologies, on August 3, 2018 in Kribi. In the presence of several guests including the regional representative for Central Africa and Madagascar of the International Telecommunication Union, the resident representative of the IAI in Cameroon and experts from Microsoft, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications stressed on the importance of digital technologies and also call on business leaders to support innovative projects.

For four days, Kribi has been the capital of innovation and technology. The city was home to the first forum on innovation and emerging technologies. The event, chaired by the Minpostel, was organized by the Ocean Innovation Centre (OIC) techno pole founded by Jacques Bonjawo.

Young people from this centre and those from elsewhere have benefited from the expertise of digital geniuses during conferences and debates and other exchange workshops including the exhibition dedicated to start ups. One of the highlights of the event was the start up innovation challenge that is a national competition to encourage and reward young people with an original and innovative project in emerging technologies. Several innovative and promising projects were then identified. According to the promoter of the forum, it was question of provoking a national dynamics around digital economy above all, initiate partnerships with the various digital players.

The meeting of Kribi, placed under the theme “Technological innovation at the service of society” This forum permitted the different actors to take into consideration the effects of digital economy to the population and its transformation of economic sectors.

The digital economy is how you leverage today’s globally interconnected technology to deliver on your company’s mission and vision.  While the methods and tools for the digital economy continue to evolve, there is a starting point.  The starting point is in using the technology components which enable operations to integrate back office systems with the marketplace (get closer to the end customer). Digital Economy integration generally consists of Social, Mobile, Analytics, external data signals, and then tying into a back office transaction system.

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