Kribi Urban Council. Major Projects For 2019

Soon an ultramodern city hall in Kribi. This was one of the key announcements during the ordinary session of the Kribi Urban Council last November 26, 2018 and whose budget for the year 2019 was adopted.Emmanuel NGOTA

Unlike the 2018 exercise, which has not been a long calm river due to the socio-political and financial crisis in Cameroon, by 2019 the Kribi Urban Council plans to rectify the situation. By adopting a budget of two billion five hundred million FCFA with a slight increase of two hundred and eighty million FCFA compared to that of 2018. The Kribi Urban Council also seeks to improve the working conditions of the staff of this institution and give a facelift of the seaside resort town of Kribi.

Speaking during the ordinary session, the Government Delegate to the Kribi Urban Council, Louis Jacques MAZO said, it is a priority enshrined in a myriad of projects of the council to construct a town hall worthy of the city of Kribi. He reiterated that, the development of the approaches of the Mbonde River and the crossroads Bokom in the Kribi Il District and the realization of income-generating projects, a multifunctional hall with a capacity of 1,500 seats and a modular gymnasium is of utmost importance.

The prefect of the Ocean Division, Antoine Bissaga, who personally chaired the work, appreciated these great opportunities as acknowledged that they have always wanted to build a large building at the City Hall, and these projects are in this year’s budget. But one tends to forget a very important aspect; it is that of the fight against the urban disorder. Obviously, the Kribi Urban Council gives itself the means to make the seaside resort of Kribi always attractive and to interest the populations and the numerous visitors, the Senior Divisional Officer concluded.

The coastal town of Kribi lies on the Gulf of Guinea, in Océan Department, South Province, at the mouth of the Kienké River. This location lies approximately 150 kilometers (93 mi), by road, south of Douala, the largest city in Cameroon and the busiest seaport in the country. The coordinates of Kribi are: 2° 56′ 6.00″N, 9° 54′ 36.00″E (Latitude: 2.9350; Longitude: 9.9100)

It has an estimated population of 55,401. It services sea traffic in the Gulf of Guinea and also lies near the terminus of the Chad-Cameroon pipeline. The Lobé Waterfalls are nearby and there is a road inland, through the Littoral Evergreen Forest, as far as Bipindi and Lolodorf where native communities of Pygmies are found.

Kribi Power Development Company (KPDC) has built a natural gas-powered electricity generating plant, Kribi Power Station, in the community of Mpolongwe, approximately 10 kilometres (6.2 mi), north of the Kribi central business district. The 216 MW plant that cost US$390 million (CFA: 176.3 billion) to build, came on line in 2013. It is now owned by Globeleq. A second phase expansion is planned.

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