The transport sector development project of Cameroon to get a booster with BIRD loan

The head of state president, Paul BIYA, has signed a decree instructing the minister of economy planning and regional development to sign a loan agreement worth 113,086 billion CFA FRS with the international bank for reconstruction and development known by its French acronym BIRD.

When signed the accord will enable Cameroon get access to more resources and additional services needed to ensure its developement objectives stated in its growth and employment strategy paper.

the resources will enable the tarring of the Babadjou- Bamenda section of the Yaounde – Bamenda transport corridor and enhance safety at selected international airports.

The accord to be signed between Cameroon and the international bank for reconstruction and development is a strategy of the world bank to support the government of Cameroon’s efforts to achieve greater prosperity.

It gives Cameroon a new window of opportunities in planning and implementing a multimodal transport investment strategy.

Beatrice lawsamba


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