Distribution of President Biya’s Computer Gifts Continues with Professional Schools

President Paul Biya last year made a promise to donate some 500,000 laptop computers to students in higher institutions of learning in the country. The distribution started early this year with all the State universities and some private institutions already touched by the President’s largesse. This time, it is the turn for students of professional higher institutions that are receiving more than 5000 PBHEV computers.

Shawn-Nathan EPANG

The esplanade of the Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex was jammed to capacity on Monday July 23, as students from some higher professional institutions thronged the venue to receive their own Paul Biya Higher Education Vision (PBHEV) laptops. The students who were accompanied by officials of their respective institutions symbolically received their computers, from the hands of the Minister of Higher Education, Chancellor of Academic Orders, Jacques Fame Ndongo.

The Monday’s beneficiaries came from four major schools, (National Institute of Youth and Sports, Post Graduate School, National Advanced School of Posts and Telecommunications and Information and Communication Technologies, National Advanced School of Public Works. The distribution of computers offered by the Head of State was done under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education. Continuing the operation of distribution of computers to students of higher professional schools, after those of State universities, the Minister of Higher Education said he was happy to attend the ceremony, while expressing his immense pleasure to preside over it. Minister Fame Ndongo noted that it was a great opportunity to “celebrate the magnanimity of Paul Biya, for this historic and unprecedented decision which has never taken place in any country in the world before. It is the gesture of a father, the clairvoyance of a great leader,” he noted.

These excellent, powerful and relevant computers are essential and indispensable tools for academic and scientific training, research, educational activities and students’ culture, which are thus anchored in the global cyber space. Making them citizens of the world in this era where digitalization is at the center of all sectors of daily life.

The Chancellor of Academic Orders further called on the beneficiaries to make responsible use of the tool as good citizens and contribute to the development of knowledge whose substantial leverage constitutes the digital economy. “I know I can count on your sagacity and maturity. You are the levers of the digital economy in Cameroon. Know how to make use of this this position. Imagine, create and contribute to scale the performance of our economy. Some one hundred computers were symbolically handed out immediately to some students out of the 5,320 in total for the four schools. The distribution was done thus; 517 for the INJS, 1 125 for SUPTIC, 1 760 for the ENSTP and 1 922 for the IAI. Their distribution will be organized internally by the heads of these schools later. As for the other professional schools, their consignment is available and is in the process of being transported, and distribution, too, remains the responsibility of the leaders. To note that the African Institute of Computer Sciences (IAI) Cameroon, the distribution ceremony for her beneficiaries is organized this Tuesday at the school’s campus. The Resident Representative of IAI Cameroon, Armand Clause Abanda expressed gratitude to the Head of State for the gesture to his students and added that it will go a long way to boost academic performance and the digital economy drive.

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