GCE Board Giving a Befitting Status

A Presidential decree reorganized the Cameroon GCE Board, expanding its activities and uplifting its administrative status.

Cynthia EFOPA

There has been a lot of talking and wrongful analysis on the recent presidential decree signed by the President of the Republic, President Paul Biya on October 22, 2018 to restructure the Cameroon GCE Board.  The General Certificate Education Board was created to manage all certificates examination of secondary and high schools in the English Sub system of Education.  The reorganization of the Board has brought a lot of novelty with regards to the structure of the examinations and the general administration of the institution that henceforth favors an expansion in its activities thereby paving way for job creation.

At the administrative level, the Council of the Board is now known as the Board of Directors at the head of which is a Board Chair. All members are appointed by a Presidential Decree for a period of three years, renewable once. The rank of the Registrar which until now was equivalent to the rank of a Director in the Central Administration and appointed by Prime Ministerial Decree, has now been upgraded to the rank of a General Manager of State Corporation, but the appellation, Registrar remains, he is now appointed by a Presidential decree. The Registrar of the Board, Akuh Dominic explained that the elevation has given the Registrar a more authoritative and respectable rank amongst his peers. He precise that the Anglo-Saxon title of Registrar was maintained because it is a common appellation of all Chief Executive Officers of Examination bodies in Commonwealth countries. The Registrar of the Board will henceforth be assisted by only one Deputy Registrar, with the rank of Assistant General Manager appointed by a presidential decree and called Assistant Registrar. Both the Registrar and his assistant shall be appointed for a term of office of three years renewable twice.

Talking about the changes in Technical Education Examinations, the decree has introduced new technical certificate examinations.  The Technical and Vocational Education Examination is open to final year students of the secondary and the advanced levels. To those of the first cycle, an Intermediate Technical Certificate will be issued upon graduation while an Advanced Technical Certificate will be delivered to high school graduates.  The Registrar of the Cameroon GCE Board, Dang Akuh Dominic noted that all these exams are organized using the standards of pure Anglo-Saxon traditions and it will go a long way to solve the problem of the perennial lack of professionals and specialists. The reorganization he said will make GCE board certificate holders more competitive in the job market.

This reforms have however set the prophets of doom at work as they go around spreading fake information. They claim the GCE Board has been relegated to the background and demolished. Some say the Board headquarters has been transferred to Yaounde and its powers weaken, yet others think it is a final straw on the management of the English Sub system of education. All these are fake news meant to mislead Cameroonians.

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