Sout-West Youths Schooled on Common Wealth Values

Buea was the centre of attraction as the minister delegate at the ministry of external relations with the commonwealth edified youths on common wealth values which is the rule of law and tolerance.

Emmanuel NGOTA

The minister of external relations with the commonwealth, Felix Mbayucame with one message to the youths of the south west region in Buea which is that of peace. He called on the youths while speaking at the south west regional capital of Buea to lay down arms, come out from the bushes and accept the stand of the government which is dialogue in order to bring Cameroon back on her feetin the rail of peace, unity and prosperity.

Minister Felix Mbayu in his caravan he headed on August 9, 2018 reiterated to the youths in particular and the population of the South West Regionin general to aligning to the rule of law was not a favour but a condition to enable development, emancipation and the liberty to enjoy human rights.

The minister of external relations with the commonwealth’s caravan tour this time to the South West Region was also to share with the youths what stemmed from the commonwealth meeting held in London where the Prime Minister and Head of Government represented the Head of State and President of the Republic.

Felix Mbayu disclosed that during the commonwealth meeting in London; decisions were arrived at popularizing the core values and principles of the commonwealth which encompasses; the rule of law, tolerance, mutual respect and understanding.

Expanding in his address at the Buea council hall, the minister sited that the current socio political upheavals plaguing the south west and the North West results from the breakdown of the rule of law, the lack of mutual respect and tolerance.

It is in this vein that the minister of external relations with the commonwealth, Felix Mbayufrom instructions of the head of state, Paul Biya to descend to Buea and discus with the youths from the divisions of the south west region. It was an occasion for Felix Mbayu to remind their position in the society which is being leaders today and the future.

His message from the head of state to the youths is a way of increasing their awareness in that they can discuss without indulging into violence. That they should rather preach peace and prioritize education.

This message from the head of state through the minister of external relations with the commonwealth to dissenting youths of the region is to bring them to reasoning following atrocities committed time and again which has drastically affected the socio political atmosphere of the region as well as Cameroon in general.

It is time for the youths of the North West and South West Regions to see the handwriting on the wall that the current crisis ravaging the predominantly English-speaking region is a strategy of manipulation to shatter the dreams that lies ahead of them. All these aspects of brainwash is merely geared towards egocentric reasons.

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