University of Buea: faculty of sciences clocks 25

The faculty of science in the University of Buea celebrates its 25th anniversary in pump and colour under the theme “faculty of science: 25 years of service to humanity and perspective for emergence”.

Emmanuel Ngota

During the solemn event that took place at the campus of the University of Buea in the South-West Region, the pioneer dean of the faculty and Vice-Chancellor Professor Vincent V.K Tijanji highlighted that, the faculty of science was founded in 1993. This faculty has come a long way as the numerous challenges experienced over time has given the faculty enough stamina to withstand the test of time. Some of the challenges he highlighted was the fact that pioneer students had to travel all the way to Yaounde to carry out practicals due to lack of laboratories in the University of Buea.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buea seized the formal event to call on the administrators and lecturers to keep the flame of the faculty burning for it to stay at the forefront of evolution of science while adding the university’s vision is to see that the faculty continues to record positive results.

Professor V.K Titanji concluded by wishing that, the faculty of science should be at the forefront of the evolution of science, reasons why the teachers of the faculty of science should keep publishing their peer review journals. These journals according to the Vice-Chancellor are published by high profile professors who ensure that the faculty does not lag behind in the areas of research.

The silver jubilee of the faculty of science also served as a platform to encourage excellence as prices were awarded to lecturers, best graduating undergraduate students within the last 25 years, best graduating undergraduate male student within the last 25 years among others.

The University of Buea which is found in Molyko-Buea, in the South West Region of Cameroon, was founded as a university centre in 1985 and became a full-fledged university following a presidential decree reorganizing state universities in the country. This university fondly known as a place to be is regarded as the best university in Cameroon and is one of two English speaking universities in Cameroon, alongside the University of Bamenda which follows the British system of education. It serves as a learning citadel to citizens from both English and French dominated regions of the country and even to neighbouring countries like Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea among others who flock the university in search of high quality education.

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