Security officers in the North west region uncover consignment of weapons 6 arrested.

The government’s spokesperson, The Minister of Communicatiion, Issa Tchiroma Bakary has disclosed in the course of a press briefing, that a consignment of weapons had been discovered in Mbengwi in Momo division of the North west region, by forces from the Regional delegation for National security for the North west region. 6 suspects who are puported to have planned to use these weapons against security and administrative officers were arrested in connection.

The weapons uncovered on the 2nd and 3rd of August 2017 consisted of explosive devices, semi automatic riffles, among other weaponry smuggled through a neighbouring country. The 6 suspects arrested are said to have planned strikes against security base, military officers and administrators. They are even reported to have tried to carry out an attack on May 20, 2017 which was foiled.

The 6 are presently helping in the investigations. Their names have been disclosed and the main assailant is the leader of the armed wing of the southern Cameroons Liberation Movement operating illegally.

The uncovering of the weapons and arrest of the 6 suspects comes in the middle of a crisis which has plagued the North west and South West regions. Many have been victimised by the group which claims to be seeking for independence for former Southern Cameroonians. Reports say they represent a slim part of the population but are imposing their will on the masses which are helpless in the midst of their threats.

The government of Cameroon has since October last year increased military presence in tgese regions to check crime and prevent the crisis from taking a different turn. Innitially it was a strike from teachers and lawyers and today pressure groups with selfish claims are fuelling unrest in the anglophone regions of the country.

Faced with this, the government has arrested many who have sown disorder and in its strive to keep control over the region has maintained a steady presence of the military which ensures the security of the people and their goods which have come under attack. It is thanks to this strong military output that planned strikes from groups as such recently dismantled were foiled.

Given the determination of these groups to put lives in jeopardy the governnent has no option than to play its role as overseer of the good of the population.Intelligence is deep at work while these regions become investigative grounds as police searches out evil planners.


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