Cameroon-China auto-show

The first ever auto show has opened in Cameroon to last 5 days. The event scheduled from the 20th to the 26th April 2017 is an opportunity for the Cameroonian public to take a look at the samples of cars which will carry the “made in Cameroon ” label and see if it suits their taste.

The sales manager of Cameroon auto, Alex KWOK says the cars have been adapted to jerky rides, fuel consumption is slow, it is resistant to tough weather conditions, and has a strong engine derived from the latest Toyota technology.
The cars were shipped through the Douala seaport from where they were driven to the capital city of Yaounde for their exhibition at the multipurpose sports complex.

opening the auto show the minister of trade Luc Magloire MBARGA ATANGANA said the sample mini vans, station wagons, pick-up trucks and 4 wheel sport utility vehicles had been assembled in china but in the near future would be built in the seaside town of Kribi in Cameroon where structures of the car industry are being put in place. The dawn of Cameroon’s industrialization.

the director general of the Cameroon automotive holding company LU FUQING, says given progress made in the field the Kribi car plant might be ready to start assembling cars by the end of the year 2017.

He says the industry nurses hopes of making cars which are affordable to Cameroonians of all classes. The Cameroon car industry hopes to sell the “star of Africa» brand in the long run to buyers in the central African sub region where Cameroon has conquered a great part of the market. Eventually, Africa in general will be the destination of cars made in Cameroon.

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