Cameroon’s commission for bilingualism and multiculturalism begins work

The 15 members of Cameroon’s newly created Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism have been commissioned to work.

Their inaugural on April 27 2017 has been presided at by the Prime Minister and Head of government, Philemon Yang. The Prime Minister who was representing the Head of State, Paul BIYA, spelled out the importance of the Commission;
Firstly, to promote Bilingualism which is enshrined in the constitution since 1961. Secondly to promote multiculturalism given that Cameroon accommodates 270 national languages, and thirdly to encourage Cameroonians enjoy living together as one nation, united and indivisible.

Victims of language- based and culture- based discrimination can report to the commission which is headed by Peter MAFANY MUSONGE, former prime Minister and presently member of the senate from the South west region, among other distinct posts he has held in the past and is still holding.

The members of the commission and its Secretary General were all appointed by a Presidential decree. They represent the 10 regions of the country, the commission is gender balanced, and all the socio- cultural spheres of the country have been taken in to consideration in appointing them, the Prime Minister said. They have all it takes to carry out their duty effectively and efficiently.

Cameroon has had a long struggle in its daily efforts to practice bilingualism given its varied linguistic and cultural background. The Prime Minister encouraged everyone to work to make the commission succeed in its duty.

The commission is one of the answers brought by the Head of state to the ongoing anglophone crisis in the country. Other measures palliative to the anglophone problem are the creation of an inter-ministerial committee in charge of seeking and proposing solutions to the concerns of anglophones; the recruitment of 1500 bilingual teachers; additional state subvention of 2 billion CFA FRS to lay private and mission schools.

The creation of common law departments in francophone universities and those of the French private law in the Universities of Buea and Bamenda, and a couple of other measures taken in this forward march of Cameroon.

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