Cameroon’s Suffering population to get salvation from Mercy ship

Upon invitation of President Paul, an American humanitarian Non governmental organisation Mercy Ships” will be in Cameroon in August 2017 to sojourn here for 10 months, that is until June 2018. It will be here in line with a health campaign during which care for complicated and rare diseases will be provided to the poor and vulnerable people of Cameroon free of charge.

Mercy ship carrying sophisticated health equipment will anchor in Douala from where it will carry out selected surgical operations: Maxillo facial, plastic and reconstructive surgery, orthopaedic, dental and opthalmic surgery among others. The Douala laquintinie hospital, the gynaecological pediatric and obstetric and the Nylon district hospitals all of Douala are partners to hring hope to people suffering from complicated diseases that need specialist attention.

These expensive, specialist surgical intrrventions are not affordable to most Cameroonians living bellow the poverty line. About 6ooo patients will be targeted. They will be transported fed,consulted and treated free of charge. Psycho social support will also be provided by some social workers already undergoing training in that light.

The Ministry of transport is incharge of transport logistics for the beneficiaries. Meanwhile staff from the Ministries of social affairs and women’s empowerment and the family are currently moving accross the country’sregions on mission to register cases of complicated diseases which could be attended to when the specialists are finally here.

The Mercy Ship team will transfer its expertise to Cameroonian medics in an effort to ebable the country continue to care for its suffering long after the team must have left.


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