Low Cost Houses to solve housing problems in Cameroon

Some 1500 low cost houses have been constructed in 6 towns of the country thanks to a project the government of Cameroon has put in place to solve the housing problems in the country and consequently reduce hardship.

The Minister of housing and urban development Jean Claude MBWENTCHOU began a tour of the 6 localities where the houses have been constructed by Chinese architects. He started in Olembe in the outskirts of Yaounde where some 660 apartments, shopping malls, a school, health center, purification station and solar street lights are all ready. The access roads have been tarred and parking lanes carved out.

It is a self- contained place for its future occupants who according to the minister will have to meet some requirements to apply to live there. Gender equity and age will be taken into account and civil servants will be given priority.

On April 28 2017, the minister travelled to the economic capital of Douala to see for himself a similar structure: 660 apartments and accompanying structures built at the Mbanga Mwang neighborhood.

He will continue his trip to Baffoussam, Bamenda, Limbe and Sangmelima where in each of these localities 50 apartments have been constructed.

The government of Cameroon contributed 15 percent of the funds, the rest of the financial load was borne by China. The Yaounde Olembe project for instance cost some 33 million CFA FRS with Cameroon providing some 350 million CFA FRS.

This was only the first phase of the low cost housing project which the State announced in 2008. The plan is to build some 10.000 low cost houses and carve out 50,000 parcels of land for purchase by inhabitants seeking decent lodging conditions, when the project gets to its final destination.

Similar initiatives are taken by councils across the country to give Cameroonians a chance to have a roof over their heads. Houses are built by the Yaounde city council in the Tsinga neighborhood. The city council’s famous “Cite des cinquantenaires” housing project in Djoungolou has provided 500 houses.

The Italian government plans to help Cameroon construct 10.000 houses in Mbankomo, Yaounde. The Minister also cited houses to be built in Bonapriso Douala, and Feicom and Credit Foncier’s plans to disburse the sum if 10 billion CFA FRS for another housing project.

Italy, France China and Canada are Cameroon’s partners in the quest for decent lodging facilities in the country.

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