Minister of Defence evaluates ongoing fight against terrorist Boko Haram

The Minister delegate at the Presidency of the Republic incharge of defence, Joseph Beti Assomo, has done an evaluation tour on the fight against the Boko Haram terrorist group. He was in Kolofata and then Maroua in his recent tour. The minister was also in these places to congratulate the forces at the war front for putting up a good fight against the Islamic sect and to deliver the Head of State’s message of encouragement to them.

During his tour, defence Minister visited 21 soldiers hurt by land mines and during suicide attacks at the war front. Joseph Beti Assomo also grouped the military to give them a message of encouragement. He encouraged them for their resistance towards the terroists, lauded their patriotism and urged them to continue in military discipline.

The fight against Boko Haram has recorded successes in spite of recurrent suicide bomb attempts. The government is devicing better ways to handle the use of explosives by terrorists. Recently a squad of 30 non-commissioned officers returned from the United States of America’s millitary base in Jordan where they were trained for close to 4 months to identify explosive devices and destroy them in a way that guarantees the safety of the surrounding population. They are grouped in 6 bomb squads.

These squads recently received accompanying equipment to go operational and according to the Secretary of State at the Ministry of defence incharge of the gendarmerie Jean Baptiste Bokam who receved this equipment from the hands of the US ambassador to Cameroon, Michael Stephen Hoza, the squads will be deployed to the Far North, some to the Centre, Litoral and East regions .

The fight against violent extremism as such displayed by Boko Haram is only being bettered as the days go by.

B. Njuh

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