President Paul Biya Presides at the 45th National day celebrations in Yaounde

The May 20 boulevard in Yaounde served and impressive parade of the military and civilians who marched to showcase their attachment to values of Unity, national integration and living well together. President Paul Biya accompanied by First lady, Chantal Biya,chaired the 45th edition of the National day which was colourful and solemn.

Shortly after the President’s arrival at the May 20 boulevard,the National day parade in Yaounde was opened by the Military. The military corps in its diversity was exposed for the world to see. Defence and security forces, ex servicemen and the customs, plus the different military training fascilities.

The military arsenal was displayed and the perculiar marching steps, spectacular outfits and accessories caught the interest of spectators.Then the motorised parade showed off weaponry used for special missions. The military equipment and automobile were all showcased.

The 1 hour 20 minutes military parade gave way to a civilian march past. 2 mascots highlighting national unity and sub regional integration opened the civilian march past in which close to 23000 marchers participated.

Primary and secondary schools, higher institutions of learning and proffessional schools all queued up to march carrying along symbols and placcards and singing songs to tell of their love for the country, the achievements of forefathers, how much they cherished national unity and were committed to preserving peace and stability and wanted to continue living well together. Political parties closed the civilian March past.

The 2 hour 20 minutes parade was warmly greeted by guests and spectators who were thrilled by the military arsenal and swept away by the people’s commitment to staying united and one, inspite of their diversity in culture displayed in the course of the march past.
Similar ceremonies were organised in all 10 regions of the country
B. Njuh

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